Thursday, 31 May 2012

Time to rumble!

June 1, 2012..
Well, this is my last blog until after the event. We're off to the map today to set up the hash house area.
The weather looks ominous outside, but there's nothing much we can do about that!
After a slow start, we've ended up with 141 entrants.. mostly in the 8 hour event.
I'm sure a great time will be had by all out there!
For those who missed out, but would still like to enjoy the map, I'm looking for rogainers to come out sometime over the next week and spend a day collecting some flags. It will be like a mini-rogaine! Just let me know. I'm sure you could even camp over if you wanted to.The rain's supposed to clear by next Tuesday.
No Bluffing!

 See ya,

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