Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Creeks and Currents

May 2nd..
Well, I'm officially a "Super Vet" today.I probably should be home in bed with a warm wrap and a cocoa.
Nahh.. much better to be out under the open sky oiling the old knees with a bit of brisk tramping.

Well.. have you heard the hymn... " One more river to Cross"? You'll be humming it in no time. There are plenty to cross on this map.Bruce and I have managed to find spots where we could avoid getting your feet too wet. You just have to ferret them out.
Driving through them has been fun, to say the least. You need to talk to the locals to find the best crossing points.
We crossed at this one spot near one of the properties. No problem driving across the water on the sandy loam. Getting out the other side,however, proved a bit of a problem. We got bogged half way up this slippery black soil bank, and the only way out was to reverse all the way down, and cross the creek in reverse up onto the other bank..still in reverse!Needless to say, we found another spot to cross.
Competitors tip.. plan your course so you minimize your creek crossings.Your feet will appreciate it.

Bruce and I have had fun at a few fences as well,around the middle section of the map.They're electrifed by solar panels, as Bruce kindly found out for us by grabbing hold of a wire.Better than that first cup of coffee, he tells me!
You'll recognise them easily enough,as they'll be made up of 3 plain strands of wire, with plastic insulators on the star pickets.I've included some pictures for you.
 But don't worry.Bruce, using his past experience from the second world war, has devised a good method of getting over them.. by getting under them.. commando style,as the next picture demonstrates.
See.. easy! Just keep your rear end down, or you might get an upwanted thrill.
p.s, I was only joking about the second world war, Bruce!

Another fence that might pull you up is the deer fence, which has extra wire running up it.Again.. we've found that you can sneek under them.Just find where the wallabies have made a trail through.

So,there you are.. lots of good tips!
As we get around the map, Bruce and I keep thinking what an enjoyable event it will be to compete in.So, start getting your entries in!

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