Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Forward to the Past

For those rogainers long of tooth and grey of head ( e.g Richard Robinson and Phil Scott), this rogaine will be a stroll down memory lane. The area was used in 1998 for the Australian 24 hour Champs. We've managed to retain most of the same map for this event, with 7 landowners allowing us entry.One bottom section has become an estate.
So, first tip... if you've still got a copy from back then, dust it off , put on your reading glasses and have a look. It's great rogaining country! I'm posting pics on the website to wet your apetite.
Back in 1998, the mappers and organisers were Eric Andrews and Gordon Howitt. I visited Eric at Easter to see if we could recreate the map from some DERM data that I had and, lo and behold, he still had the original map on Ocad! That saved a lot of time!
Eric is course setter again, and has set a challenging event,using ancient Aztec means beyond Bruce's and my feeble understaning.It's based on km rates over defined elevations under specified light availabilities across  terrain runnability around what people ar likely to have for lunch.Anyway,botom line... If you want to get around all 68 control sites,you'll need to be prepared to cover 90 odd kms in 24 hours.Doable!?
Second tip for the Elite's...start training! Most of the terrain is open and runnable.
For the rest of you.. there are lots of control sites and lots of loops that you can choose to have an enjoyable event.

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