Friday, 11 May 2012

Hooves and Hurties

May 9,2012..
Cows are dumb, aren't they? They have brains the size of peas ( or is that politicians?), they poo everywhere, they can only say "moooo", and they follow each other around.

However, in some countries they're revered and idolised. I reckon they must be countries that do a lot of rogaining!
I can't tell you the number of times over the last few weeks that Bruce and I have been stumped as to which way to go, when a well worn cow track would suddenly appear like a yellow brick road and show us the way. Cows have an inbuilt spirt level that helps them contour perfectly across spurs, around knolls, over ridges and, most importantly, through steep creek ravines.

After the recent floods, a lot of the water courses shown on the map have quite steep banks, with thick vegetation, and you'll be scratching your head wondering how you'll get across.
Competitor's tip- make like a cow, and look for that well worn track that will lead you through. Just don't get down on all fours, or you'll end up with a nose fill of spear grass, or something more smellier!
Which leads me to the my next point..
I don't want to highlight any negatives, but this IS the Qld 24 hour Championships and , it's not being held around some suburban area. You'll have to put up with a few discomforts, including fields and fields of spear grass.
The seeds have a knack of being able to drill down through layers of clothing and leather and, I reckon, 2 inch steel if given enough time! You really need to wear gaiters,and probably put tape over your shoelaces.
So, big tip here..DO NOT step out onto this map in running shoes and bare socks! You'll spend all your time pulling out prickles, and won't last 5 minutes.
P.S.At this time, the cobblers pegs are also still around, and quite matured, which means they're quite hard.They'll just about go through your finger when you bend down to pull them out without looking at what you're doing.
However, to end on a positive note.. if you get up into the higher country, they're not so bad. And as you look down the valleys, enjoying the picturesque views.. don't think of the million spear grass seeds down there waving sensuously to you, and whispering on the wind..come on down.. come on down!

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