Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hills and more Hills

May 14..
Our navlight man,Dave Firman, has found an excuse to get out of doing his job.. he broke his hip! He got swiped by a car while out riding, and fell heavily on his right femur, breaking it. Speedy recovery,Dave!
Fortunately, our intrepid president, " Mr.reliable" Paul Guard, stepped in and finished prgramming our long list of punches. He also delivered them last weekend, along with a swag of flags.As me father would say.. "He's blood's worth bottling!"
So, having spent a few weeks tagging sites, Bruce and I have started hanging some of the more inaccessible ones. We're confident to do this thanks to our silent third partner.. "Geeps", as Bruce calls him.( One of the QRA Garmin GPS units).
Having the foresight ( unusual for me!) to have spent the time to load an overlay of the map onto the GPS, our mate Geeps is now confirming that we're right on the control site every time!
Tip to future organisers...If you're a small team, and don't have the manpower to split the tagging/checking/hanging process, enlist the help of Geeps. Thanks once again to president Paul and to Liam St.Pierre who showed me how.
Anyway.. we've been leaving this corner of the map until last.. mainly because the contours run unto each other for about 10 lines!
For the more adventurous of you, this is a good spot to visit to get some bigger points, including one 150 pointer! You've just got to be prepared to climb a bit.
If super vets,Bruce and I can manage it, I'm sure you can!
Just make sure you pack your altitude pills. We went from an elevation of 152 metres in the gully, to 408 metres by the time we reached the highest ridge! Needless to say, we had a few stops along the way.
Mind you, the views along the way were great!

If you study your map and plan carefully ,you'll find more amenable spurs to get you there with less pain.
Tip for competitors.. If you're venturing up this way, once you reach the top ridges... stay there, and contour around to the best attack points for your control sites.
 When we finally got back down to the car after 5 hours of mountain climbing,for a well earned cup of coffee, some friends came to say hello.

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