Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bogs and Bulls

Never volunteer to run one of these things unless you have a 4WD at your disposal... because I guarantee that it will rain, or you'll have to get across some creek without sinking into the abyss.
After our initial visit to landowners on April 20th, Bruce and I were keen to get out to look at the map the following week.Well.. we got an inch of rain the previous two days, plus a steady drizzle on the 27th. .
"Let's try this road" Bruce innocently quipped,"It looks Okay.We'll drive to the end of it and go by foot from there around this bit of the map."
We trundled along as it got greasier and greasier until , about half way,we hit this hill that looked like it was used in the Dakar rally after floods.I engaged the 4WD.
 "Gun it!" Bruce instructed.We got about three quarters of the way up, with the car swerving from left to right, before my tyres gave up the ghost and just wined on the spot. Only way way to go embarrassing slide back down to the bottom.
Note to future organisers.. make sure you've got fair dinkum 4WD tyres!
Somehow, I turned around and we made our way back to the main road without further bogging. Phew!
We decided we'd try a smaller landholding on the other side of the map.
Christine,the landowner, was very helpful and showed us some hidden entrances to parts of her property.
Lots of long grass, and quite drive able.We managed to get to a point where we could spend a few hours walking around and tagging control sites.We were happily walking along a ridge towards where flag 82 should be hung.It was just ahead in that saddle.easy!
 There was one minor problem, There was this whopping great bull between us and it, and he wasn't moving.
This was his paddock.
He glared at us derisively. Bruce and I both had on our bright fluoro yellow rain jackets, so not much chance of stealthily going around unnoticed.  My theory was that if we kept on our approach along the ridge, showing no signs of fear, the bull would gracefully withdraw and allow us through.
Yeah..right! We hoofed it down the hill into the long spear grass and had to climb back up well past where our friend still stood watching us.
Tip to competitors.. If you're around control 82 at night and hear this snorting and bellowing behind!

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