Friday, 25 May 2012

Camping and catering

May 26,2012..
Well, only a week to go!
With assistance this weekend from the two Macs,Michael McMahon and Tim McInerny, the flags and punches should be all out in the field come Monday morning.Thanks guys!
So, we're nearly ready for you. Have you entered yet?
The property manager, Mark, will slash an area for us next week for the hash site.At the moment,it's covered in spear grass.This is what it looks like at the moment.
If you want to get away a bit, you'll also be able to camp on the other side of the road, behind a gate,down near the creek.You just might have to share it with a few cows, though.
Here's what it looks like..
You just need to negotiate a bit of a slope to get down near the creek. It's a great area, but not big enough to house us all. So, it's a case of first in,best dressed.
For those of you who did the events up this way last year, we're pleased to say that Megan Scott and family will be doing the catering for us again.
Here's Megan hard at work last year.
We might even see a re-appearance of Princess Issy!
Megan has given me her proposed menu, and it sounds too good for you lot! (Just bluffing!)
I can tell you that the famous "Chile con Carne" is  likely to tantalise your taste buds, along with fruit crumble and muffins.. just to mention a few!
See you there for tea!

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